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Creative Laboratory – The Man



Creative laboratory “The Man” is a Russian project by Andrey Popov based on spontaneous interaction of artists and performers of different styles with the aim to generate new creative projects and objects of art. In 2014, the creative laboratory took place in Berlin for the first time. It gathered over 30 Russian and German artists who worked and created in close collaboration in the course of two weeks. This process resulted in artworks that were fresh, surprising, spontaneous and often with an unpredictable outcome. At the end of the project the results were presented to a wide audience.



Mediaost agency was responsible for organizing and carrying out the project, its advertising and informational support, the production of the final presentation and the marketing actions on social networks.


Client: Creative union “Game 3000” || Execution: Mediaost and Communication GmbH || Services: Production of international creative collaborations || Activities: Project management | Connection with a wider audience || Location: Berlin | Mecklenburg-Vorpommern ||Time period: 2014 || Team: Anna Sarré | Anna Leonenko | Constanze Söder | Maria Kusnezow