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Insiders from the outside

Currently, Germany provides residence to over 16 million natives of other countries. Many of them, immigrants themselves or children of immigrants, speak to each other, read the newspapers, watch television and use their private communication and information networks in their own native language. To establish a connection with those people, certain ethno-marketing tools are necessary such as special advertising and PR for foreign language focus groups. Be it a Russian festival, a Turkish television channel or Italian newspapers, with our help you could effectively involve mass media and events of the ethno-communities in Germany, which hold great potential.

Our Services:

  • Bringing the project to the market of foreign language space in Germany
  • Work with media
  • Advertising campaign
  • Media planning
  • Participation in exhibitions and fairs
  • Event management
  • Cooperation with communal and cultural organizations

Examples of Past Projects:

Educational portal | Russian Film Week in Berlin