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Experience & Excellence

Mediaost Events & Communication GmbH is a full cycle agency specializing in concept development, production, marketing and PR related to cultural and educational projects. Our team members and experts have tremendous work experience in the areas of event production, advertising and social networking as well as profound knowledge of film, theater, music and visual arts.

Our long list of clients, partners and consultants includes government and business networks, community organizations and non-profit education program coordinators, creative collectives and independent artists. Our tight, long-established network of professional and private contacts in Germany, Russia, the countries of Eastern Europe, Italy, France, Spain and Turkey allows us to successfully realize international projects and effectively collaborate with European media. We conduct events that become significant celebrations of culture. Their foundation allows countries, cities and regions to showcase their achievements and to exchange experience.

Our main professional practices are event management, public relations, public affairs and marketing, which includes ethno-marketing, online marketing and marketing on social networks. However, we also offer consulting services and support with establishment of business in Berlin as well as help with resident permits for creative enterprises and independent artists. Other areas of our expertise, which we would like to develop further, are market analysis and business partner search, brokerage services in purchasing real estate and film production assistance.

International cultural and educational projects bring the people of different countries closer together. While organizing festivals, exhibitions and education programs, working with mass media and international communities, we are supporting and developing the understanding and exchange between East and West in Europe.